May 7, 2021

Monday’s Cultural Clashes

The picture to the left of Britney Spears is linked to a report that asks the question: Does exposure to the media have an effect on when teens start to expirament with sex? Michael Conlon tackles that subject in an article on Yahoo News! The study that he quotes the report stating the obvious, “Interestingly one of the strongest predictors of risk for early sexual intercourse for both black and white teens (in the study) was the perception that his or her peers were having sex.” This is for the same reason that most people go over the speed limit– because everyone is doing it, getting away with it, and why can’t I.

Speaking of sex and driving, you must have seen the article that starts out “A federal judge agrees: Sexy signs just have no place near the highway.” I have heard many a preacher, and have experienced it myself, where you have to intentionally not look at a sign. Especially in the south (it seems) places of ill repute have taken to trying to get those with loose morals to come to their establishment by advertising on bill boards…

My pastor last night talked about the secret woman in some people’s lives– porn. The last site I have to direct you to talks about the battle that is brewing over porn, and it’s not just coming from the church. These people are proving that it’s not just the spirit of the man that is effected by this disgusting stuff, but also the mind and his relationships. Like any sin, but with an extra twist, it is like a narcotic that you keep needing more of. We know where the love of money ends you up, but the love of porn can get you out of a loving family and to jail or death row. It’s serious. The last quote of the article is telling: “When I ask men who are sex addicts if they would want their wife or daughter to be in porn, 100 percent say, ‘No,'” she said. “They want it to be somebody else’s wife or daughter. They know this material is damaging.”

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