May 18, 2024

The Invasion Takes Another Step

As more people pour over our southern border, we should not be surprised when they start capturing and taking over places and calling it their own. It happened in France, where immigrants from African countries started making areas around that country unsafe, and now it’s happening in New Mexico.

A video posted by reliable Fox News reporter Matt Finn shows illegal immigrants ravaging a mountain in Sunland Park, New Mexico, while Border Patrol agents apparently won’t defend it, calling the mountain the Cartel’s. Finn wrote in the video post, “Unbelievable. A Border Patrol agent in Sunland Park, NM just told us a mountain in the United States is ‘not ours’ anymore. ‘It’s theirs.’ Referring to cartels.”

‘It’s theirs now’: Border agents concede N.M. mountain to Cartel control via “It’s Theirs Now”

While the invasion of the U.S. this time is happening at a rate where there’s still something we can do about it, the question is whether we have the will. The Democrat party believes that we do not, and is acting accordingly.

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