April 16, 2024

Trump’s Court Update

Former President Trump must view the court cases that swirl around him as just problems for others to solve and a way to further his campaign. Otherwise, I’m not sure how one person could cope with it all.

We recently learned that the Supreme Court will take up the case of whether a US President has criminal immunity for actions taken while in office, and they expect to have a ruling in June. This will potentially remove the threat of the January 6 case in DC from him because he will either have immunity, in which the case will be dropped, or not have immunity, in which case the trial will be in the middle of the election, which will then probably be postponed and if Trump should win, he could kill it.

This has driven meltdowns on the left, along with suspicions that the Supreme Court wants to take up the case because two older conservative justices want to retire during a second Trump Presidency so as to be replaced with textual originalist justices. Others have complained about the schedule for the trial, saying that the justices could be quicker in dealing with this so that the American people could see Trump’s trial before the election, but they are following normal order, and doing so increases the likelihood that they will be appearing to not take sides.

Other than that, we’re seeing the continuing drama of the cases in New York where Trump has lost and is attempting to appeal. He owes just about $500 million in all the judgments against him and is willing to put up $100 million, but the court has said he has to put it all up (or have a loan or a bond for it all) in order to appeal. Most think he has a good chance of getting the fines reduced or removed on appeal, but who knows at this point?

In any case, the court cases seem to be for Trump as Twitter was in 2016. It’ll be interesting if he can ride these to victory.

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