February 21, 2024

Left Wing Violence: Dress Rehearsal for Civil War 2.0

The Day Miami Burned by Mike Shaheen

At first it was the left, war-gaming what to do if Trump won the election and telegraphing that things could get bad. Former Vice Pres. Biden picked this up in his interviews and on Twitter saying that the violence was Trump’s fault and that it would get better if he were to be voted in to be President.

Then the right wing analysts got involved, and started to realize the frightening outgrowth out of all the left was saying about the fact that Trump could win on election night but lose when all the votes were counted— it’s easier to know how many votes to manufacture if you know the winning total.

We are seeing the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election destroyed before it even happens, mostly because the left believes that there can be only one legitimate outcome… Biden/Harris winning the election.

Michael Anton was the first to broach the subject in his article, The Coming Coup?. In it, he lays out a three prong approach for coup to progress:

  1. Convince the people that a removal of Trump from office will be Trump’s fault
  2. Plan for enough harvested ballots to overcome whatever lead Trump has on election night
  3. Enlist the media to make sure to blare that Trump lost loud enough so everyone believes it.

The first plan is in effect by trying to convince the populace that Trump is to pin the rioting and COVID-19 squarely on Trump. I even think Biden trying to take some of Trump’s America First jargon is a part of making Trump the outsider. The second and third are tied and are at work even today.

USA Today reports that Twitter is already planning on taking steps to prevent anyone from saying Trump won on election night:

Twitter on Thursday said it would more aggressively label or remove tweets containing misleading or disputed information about the upcoming election including premature claims of victory before election results have been certified or incitement of unlawful conduct to prevent a peaceful transfer of power.

— snip —

Last week, Facebook made a similar announcement, saying it would not allow false claims of victory and instead would redirect users to accurate information on the election results. Facebook also said would ban new political ads in the week before Election Day.

Trump vs. Twitter: New policy would crack down on president claiming premature victory in election

So you can see how easy it would be to make it so that the President could not get a message out that he won.

John Daniel Davidson compares what’s happening now as to what happened during the last Civil War– before Abraham Lincoln became President:

We now seem to be on the cusp of relitigating the question [of whether the union is permanent or whether a state can secede], only instead of slaveholding southerners blackmailing the country with secession, it’s anti-Trump Democrats and left-wing radicals threatening to tear the country apart if Trump wins in November. For them, the Union is conditional, and Trump’s reelection will violate their conditions.

What do they have in mind? Not exactly an 1860-style secession, state-by-state, but something more immediately disruptive. Depending on the circumstances the day after the election, they might contest the results and trigger lengthy litigations and ballot recounts, working in the meantime to come up with enough absentee ballots to put Biden over the edge. In that case, while the lawsuits and recounts are underway, the left plans to do what it’s been doing for months now: take to the streets.

The Left Is Setting The Stage For A Coup If Trump Wins

There’s tons of projection going on here…

  • The left are worried that Trump won’t leave in defeat, when they are the ones telling Biden that he should refuse to concede
  • The left is saying that right wing violence will be everywhere, when the left wing is burning everything down now and shows no signs of failing, and we are told to expect it with a Trump win

There are people openly talking about how the United States should peacefully split up. I don’t remember reading about that at any other point in my lifetime.

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