April 12, 2024

#QAnon Implies That Everything Ties to the Clinton Foundation

Part of the reason for so many people following QAnon is the fact that some of the things that are shared there are believable. I’m not saying that everything there is 100% truth– anyone who has followed for some time will state that some of what is said by Q is misinformation and what is not is cryptic at best.

Occasionally the links from Q are much less cryptic, as what has happened today, as Q links to a Reddit post that puts a lot of the puzzle pieces together into a coherent, believable whole:

In a post called Connnecting some dots (yes, I know, too many ns), user lonestarbeliever posts what he got from someone with inside sources. Much of what is found in the post can be verified apart from the post itself.

What kinds of things are in the post?

  • The same four people seem to be involved with every scandal dating back to the beginning of the Obama term: James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and Lois Lerner
  • These people move in and out of positions when the Clintons or Clinton Foundation is in the cross hairs, and always with the same result– exoneration for the Clintons.
  • Rod Rosenstein’s wife has represented the Clinton foundation and the Clintons in one way or another for a very long time.

The details can be found at the link, but it makes one start to wonder if leaks are starting to come out of the reopened Clinton Foundation investigation, and what that means in regards to everything else that’s going on.

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