March 4, 2024

Supreme Court Selection

So last night, President Trump announced his selection to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Everyone knew it was going to be a show, because we have a President who used to run a reality television show and knows how to play the media. A few observations.

  • For an administration known for leaks, it was very interesting that this didn’t leak out before just about the time Pres. Trump was about to go on.
  • The beginning of Judge Kavanaugh’s speech was really odd. How would he know the process that Pres. Trump went through to select him? Wasn’t he part of a short list? This is strange.
  • According to some, Kennedy made a deal from a list of his own regarding who could replace him. Kavanaugh was on this list. Trump’s list was amended in November of last year to include Kavanaugh. Was the fix in?
  • I think this is the first time that a whole bunch of Never Trumpers came out to support Trump’s move. Should this inspire confidence?
  • If this Judge helped ok Obamacare, does that fit with Trump?
  • Some have implied that because Kavanaugh stated in 2003 that a sitting President should not be indicted or put on trial that Trump picked him out of self service.
  • Kavanaugh was part of Ken Starr’s office when going after Pres. Bill Clinton.

I’m not aware of there being any problem with a Supreme Court Justice asking the President to select someone that the Justice approves of. As far as I’m aware, the President can take whatever counsel he wants.

I’m also not sure how many conservative judges would disagree with the idea that Impeachment is the correct Constitutional remedy for a President that is unlawful. Impeachment, then trial. So I’m taking the criticisms of him in this regard as conspiracy theory.

That said, his acceptance speech opening was weird. Did Trump’s team have a part in that? Sounded more like the acceptance speech for Miss America in that regard.

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