April 13, 2024

Nothing New Under the Sun

Ecclesiastes 1:9 – Nothing new under the Sun.

How can Solomon say this? He never saw an automobile?! It’s not about whether or not man has technological achievement, but who man is and what he will do.

This is directly related to us today.

Evolution wants to teach us that we have been getting progressively better. That’s why we have cavemen that can buy car insurance. That’s why it’s so hard for modern men to understand how the pyramids were built.

The Bible teaches us a history that is contradictory to what is expected by the secularists.

While the secularist believes that we are continually getting better, the Bible teaches that we’re continually getting worse.

  • God creates man perfect in Genesis 1, and He falls.
  • God wipes out everyone with Noah, who was able to build a boat to fit the kinds of animals, and he gets drunk.
  • God says that man will be able to do anything he sets his mind to, so he scrambles the languages at Babel.
  • God gifts a man and says that he will be the smartest man that will ever live, he’s the write of the book of Ecclesiastes.

As believers, we easily believe the same thing about those who have come before. We look around at certain things about our culture and believe that we are more advanced than those in previous cultures. We practice chronological elitism, failing to realize what God says about our past.

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