April 13, 2024

A Battle of Epic Porportions

We are in an epic battle, if you have been paying attention to the political chatter, but we aren’t quite sure who is really on the side of truth. On both extremes are people that believe that they are right, moral and just and that the other side is delusional. Both sides are relying on secret proceedings and are determined to read into every bit of information that they can to discern how close their guy is to beating the other guy.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, let’s introduce the cast of characters in this dramatic play.

The Cast

President Donald J. Trump

He is either the great villain or the master persuader. He may be guilty of any or all of the following:

  1. Using his company as a money laundering operation for Manafort, Kushner, Gates, Page or anyone that has had dealings with Russia
  2. Being a Russian puppet, going to loosen sanctions in exchange for winning the election
  3. Obstructing justice by firing James Comey and directing Mueller’s firing before changing his mind
  4. A narcissist
  5. Racist
  6. The next incarnation of Hitler

Or, he is:

  1. A guy that speaks his mind off the cuff without a filter, so people can relate
  2. A Master Persuader, who calculates his Tweets for maximum impact, pacing and leading his people
  3. Playing 4D chess
  4. The

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Much more mysterious than the President, this former FBI Director, Marine, etc, had previously enjoyed the reputation of a “straight-shooter” that called things like they are. And you may either think:

  1. He’s gradually closing in on President Trump’s connections with Russia
    1. He knows Trump’s taxes
    2. He’s using Trumps aids to flip on him (Gates working toward Manafort)
    3. He has connected all the dots and working on the airtight case.
  2. He’s gradually closing in on President Trump’s obstruction of justice
    1. He has testimony of James Comey about his firing
    2. He has inside info about Trump trying to fire him
  3. Any day he may or may not indict Trump, depending on whether you believe that’s possible– there is much debate


  1. He is a “white hat” and is going to expose the deep state
    1. He’s been helping to clean out bad actors
    2. He’s going to absolve Trump after a thorough investigation– the only way Trump will truly be cleared
  2. He’s a “black hat” on a witch hunt
    1. He’s assembled a team of Dem attorneys that are proficient at take downs
    2. He’s going after Trump to cover for Uranium One

At some point here his investigation will conclude with something.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz

Works in the DOJ as an investigator of the department. Has been tasked with investigating how the DOJ/FBI conducted the Hillary email investigation and a little bit in the Russian meddling (depending on who you read). It is said that he’s the one that leaked the text messages between Carter and Page.


This kind of thing wouldn’t be complete without bringing up Q. Not the supposed omnipotent being from Star Trek, this Q represents the highest clearance level in the US government. Q began dropping cryptic postings on the board 4chan and then, after claiming to be attacked, moved to 8chan and has the hashtag #qanon on Twitter documenting and theorizing on every post. There have been eerie things like posting exact timestamps of Trump’s tweets before they came out, and some of the postings can be predictive, but just like everything you either believe:

  1. Q is a LARP – Live Action Role Play
  2. Q has inside to Twitter, and uses that info to create believable information in his drops
  3. Q is legit, and there really is a fight between good and evil.


Every day is something new, and depending on who you read you can get two different “movies” as Scott Adam’s of Dilbert fame would say. When I get a chance, I’ll go further and illustrate this phenomenon and show you how this plays out in real time.


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