March 4, 2024

Technology Has Made the 8 Hour Workday Obsolete

Companies are slow to make changes that benefit employees, but fast to make changes that benefit themselves.  This is just in their nature– they exist to make profit and will do whatever is convenient to do it.  It’s not a fault, just a truism.  So when it comes to technology, the fact that we can be connected with anywhere and can do work anywhere could make it so that we could work from home or the nearby cafe, but more often than not people are still working in offices doing the standard 8 to 5– but now they’re expected to be on call 24/7.

Gone are the days where you’d put in an honest day’s work and then head for home to go back to work in the morning.  For many professions you’re now expected to be available for responding to e-mails, customer calls, etc. outside of traditional work hours.  It’s gotten to the point that surveys now believe that the eight hour workday is a thing of the past.

What do you think?  Do you work a traditional eight hour workday? If you don’t, do you feel you should?

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