April 24, 2024

Mother Gives Birth in the Woods Alone

Here’s an amazing story from California:

According to Pangborn’s mother, her daughter was nine months pregnant and decided to visit an Oroville casino Wednesday to walk around in an attempt to induce labor. Williams said her daughter was traveling to another area casino when she ended up on a remote road in the national forest and ran out of gas. There was no mobile phone reception, Williams said. Oroville is about 80 miles north of Sacramento.

Williams said her daughter told her she went into labor early Thursday morning, unrolled a sleeping bag and gave birth in her car’s backseat. Williams said Pangborn spent the next two days swatting away bees and insects, fearful of a bear attack. Mother and daughter survived on water and apples, Williams said.

On Saturday, Williams said Pangborn used a lighter, a can of hairspray and a can of oil to start a signal fire with the sleeping bag.

"She is smart and tough," Williams said. "I’m relieved it turned out all right."

French of the Forest Service said the fire burned about a quarter of an acre before it was extinguished. – Lost California mother rescued after giving birth in forest, family says

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