April 16, 2024

Overaggressive Cops or Ashamed Dad?

Joe Marino for New York Daily News,
from Original Article

A dad and his teenage daughter were walking in Central Park.  They see a purse, check it out, and all it has is $27.  No identification.  The man sticks the money in his pocket and turns around.  The police, having set up a sting, arrest him for taking money that doesn’t belong to him.

Now he’s suing for unlawful arrest, claiming he was headed to a park ranger to turn over the money.

Who do you believe, the cops or the man?  If you believe the man, why did he not take the purse and all to the ranger.

If you believe the police, is it not entrapment?  Weren’t they setting up the situation?  Seems like a bad thing all the way around.

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