April 16, 2024

How Much Could You Give To Charity?

August Vegetables 2The American economy today is largely based on slavery.  No, I don’t mean the kind you read about in the Civil War, I mean the kind where you trade your future income for the chance to “have it now” commonly known as credit.

Rarely does the modern American have money to be generous with, because he’s living paycheck to paycheck to pay for the ever increasing luxuries that he is told he has to have by the expensive entertainment system he has in his home.

It’s amazing that people still have money to give, and yet it’s when you read stories like this one that you realize that you could still do more…

Spending only $37.17, Rodney Osborne was able to give $975.06 worth of groceries and living essentials to local charities in Ohio. Rodney is an expert couponer and knows all of the tricks to get an exceedingly large bang for his buck.

Rodney told ThisWeekNews.com, “Twenty dollars can turn into hundreds of dollars. Everyone needs to take advantage of this. These sales and coupons will always be there.”

These methods were learned by Rodney the hard way when he and his wife were out of work in the past. Now that he is doing well financially, hes helping others with his acquired skills. “This is a great way to help those around you in need and it’s a great way to build our community,” Rodney told ThisWeekNews.com. “We didn’t always receive help when we had a need, but I want to make sure others receive help.”

[Good News Guardian – Man Uses Coupon Skills to Give 25x More Food to the Poor]

So, next time you think that you only have a little, maybe you just need to figure out where to cut back, or some innovative way to stretch that dollar a bit further!

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