April 13, 2024

Atheists Object to World Trade Center Cross

9.11 (Photo credit: drp)

A piece of the World Trade Center, a steel beam that was cross shaped, has been a symbol of home, and now it’s a symbol of controversy.  Why?  Atheists.

You see, this beam was moved into the National September 11th Memorial and Museum where it’s to be in the permanent collection, and some people have a problem with that.

[T]he move quickly provoked a lawsuit from American Atheists, a nonprofit group based in New Jersey. It argued that because the cross is a religious symbol of Christianity and the museum is partly government financed and is on government property, the cross’s inclusion in the museum violates the United States Constitution and state civil rights law. The lawsuit, in turn, provoked the ire of the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative public interest law firm, as well as others. [Atheists Sue to Block Display of Cross-Shaped Beam in 9/11 Museum]

Why should they care?  In no way is this the state establishing a religion.  It’s recognizing a significant artifact.  It’s not even claiming superiority of one religion over another.

The Atheists have suggested that they could put an atom in the museum or a firefighter carrying a victim, but I like Ann Althouse’s response:

Or maybe a legal complaint, because they’re always filing lawsuits like this.

And it’s true.  For a group of people that define themselves by what they don’t believe in, they certainly seem to get all worked up over things that have no meaning—by their own definition.

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