February 21, 2024

Bill Me Later

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Rachel sent me this e-mail some time ago:

I was looking online today at Amazon for a book and I noticed under the “promotions” box that Amazon now offers the Bill Me Later option for your purchases (which I think gives you 90 days to pay it back but I’m not sure; I’ll have to look at it some more).  The reason this caught my eye is because just Wednesday I saw the same thing on the Macmall website when I was ordering the new computer for the church.  I can’t believe that in this period of financial crisis and credit meltdown, companies are still trying to entice people to do the Bill Me Later option.  Anyway, I thought it would interest you since you’ve been doing so many posts on credit and its problems lately.

And she’s right.  One of the biggest problems that we as a society are facing is the fact that we are addicted to having what we want right now, without paying attention to the fact that tomorrow is not certain.

Anyone who actually pays attention to the news and to what’s happened in just the recent past will realize that there is too much going on in the world today to believe that tomorrow is predictable.

That is why you shouldn’t spend tomorrow today, but should rather save and spend only what you have.

Bill Me Later sounds like a great feature, but it is still credit, it is still a debt that you will have to pay—whether or not you have a job when the bill comes due.

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