May 27, 2024

Jesus and the Bible

…The setting is ripe for a fight. The Sadducees are trying to spark some theological controversy. Jesus has his mind on the cross. The other religious leaders have been barking at he and his disciples for years now. Satan continues to pursue and press upon him. This begs a frustrated response.

Instead, Jesus calmly and clearly turns and quotes the Bible. And not only does he quote the Bible but he makes a theological point based upon the tense of a verb. In other words, Jesus believes that the very words of God in Scripture are true. Every single one of them. He believes they are also from God, authoritative, clear, enduring, and trustworthy (cf. 2 Tim. 3.16-17; Ps. 19.7-14). He appeals to them to settle the debate and silence the critics.

I love Jesus’ confidence in the Scriptures. I love his love for the Word of God.

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