April 16, 2024

It Takes Two

Pregnant Profile
Pregnant Profile (Photo credit: clappstar)

It was High School.  Eleventh Grade.  I was in Social Studies class and the teacher, a younger guy who was still full of energy and wanting to teach, decided that it would be interesting to get a class debate together decided on the topic of abortion.

Abortion is a weird topic for teens, because many are just becoming aware of the changes in their body, and our culture is in the process of completely rejecting the traditional Christian moral framework—and wants to let everyone believe that being sexually active is a right.

It is within this background that I made a famous argument—at least to that class—that “if you don’t do x,  you don’t get y.”  Sure, you can be pro-choice, but only before you conceive a child.  After a child is conceived, there is a responsibility to that new life.

It is that responsibility, or the fear of or desire not to have that responsibility that convinces women to have an abortion.  The feeling of responsibility is real.

However, our culture is attempting to erase that responsibility—both for the mom and the dad.

The trouble I have with [Mike] Huckabee’s assertions isn’t so much his attack on [actress Natalie] Portman… but that he (and so many others) blame out-of-wedlock pregnancies solely on the women.

What about the men? Surely the onus is on the man not to flee once he’s impregnated a woman, but instead to do something about committing to the woman who is about to bear his child? …

[Rabbi Shmuley Boteach] said that, today, there is a broken code of male honour whereby men have no qualms about treating women casually and hedging their bets. [Out-of-wedlock pregnancies: It takes two, baby – Jill Stanek]

Exactly.  The quoted author goes on to say women have decided that they will give all the benefits of marriage to any man, and then wonder why they won’t propose.  It’s obvious.  They’ve been deceived, and the culture is supportive.

The culture doesn’t care that a man or a woman gets a disease, as long as it’s not them.  The culture doesn’t care that a woman gets pregnant out of wedlock, as long as it’s not them.

What the culture does care about is that no one tells them what to do—even if following that advice would be what is best for them.

And that’s the problem.

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