May 20, 2024

Birth Control Always Works–NOT!

Peek a boo

Part of the rights that women think that they are entitled to is sex without consequences.  When they say a woman’s right to privacy means that they can kill an unborn child, what they are implying is that they want to have what they believe men have—the ability to have sex and not have the responsibility of the result of that physical intimacy.

To that end, the medical industry has sold them on the idea that pregnancy can be prevented, and if not prevented, halted, such as to enable women to have this ability.

Only, the medical industry is lying.

Buried deep within the paperwork that no one reads is the failure rate for every birth control method.  Even the ones that are touted to be perfect:

Hundreds of women in Britain have complained to the medical regulator after becoming pregnant despite using a contraceptive implant that is supposed to work for years.

But the implant’s maker, Merck & Co., says the failure rate isn’t exceptional, and that women should continue to use it. [Hundreds of British Women Say They’ve Become Pregnant Despite Having Contraceptives Implanted In Their Arms]

Note the response of the implant’s maker compared to the expectation.  The women believed that they were getting something that would be perfect, fool proof, and they would not get pregnant.  Yet they are.  And the company’s response is “this is not exceptional”—which means, it’s to be expected, because it’s not perfect.

And yet women are told that these things are perfect.  They are constantly trumpeted as freeing women from having to think about pregnancy.

There is no 100% way to avoid pregnancy or Sexually Transmitted Disease except Abstinence, but telling young women that they should refrain isn’t liberating, it isn’t popular, and the person saying it is sexist.

We live in an age where we want everything without responsibility.

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