May 23, 2024

Living In Sin Not as Glamorous as You Think

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris -

Hugh Hefner has announced his engagement to his latest “girlfriend”, Crystal Harris.  The age difference between Hefner and his latest blonde bombshell is 60 years.

This coincides with a new book put out by a former “girlfriend”: Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion.

Izzabella St. James, a former “girlfriend” (what he calls the girls who live with him) of Hugh Hefner and resident of the mansion describes her life there as anything but glamorous. In her memoir, Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion, she opens up about living in the shabby, filthy, dog-excrement-soiled home and Hefner’s methods of controlling the girlfriends’ lives. Such methods included logs documenting their comings and goings, strict curfews and weekly spending allowances that could be withheld for not meeting his expectations.

She also details the sexual exploits of Hefner and the girlfriends, admitting that prescription drugs for both Hefner and the girls were a regular part of the routine. And the sex itself….not that impressive according to St. James. Her exact words: “…he just lay there like a dead fish”.

For someone who goes to extremely great lengths to perpetuate an image of wealth, glamour and sexual imortality[sic], Hefner mostly comes off looking like a stingy, dirty, old man. And life in the Playboy mansion has never sounded less appealing. [Modestly Yours: Not All that Glitters…]

The original article, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion more like a squalid prison say former Playmates (warning, immodest images), goes further to describe the debase lifestyle complete with third world type descriptions.

The idea that a sinful lifestyle is all glamour with no downside is an elaborate sham.  Here is a man who continually uses his influence and the fact that he owns a magazine famous for what the women depicted do not wear to give off the illusion that he might just live forever.

But what we find when we pull back the cover is another dirty old man who is deluded into thinking that pretty girls find him attractive and want him physically—when all they’re really doing is using him (for as long as they can tolerate him) for money, fame, and a chance at a modeling job.

No one wins here.

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