April 12, 2024

Are We Ready For an Insurance Shortage?


In the early 1970s the United States had a problem.  Uneasiness in the Middle East cost a gas cost crisis which the Carter Administration tried to deal with by cost fixing.  The put in a price ceiling which immediately led to rationing.  People could only get gas for their vehicles on certain days and it broke the back of the American people.

Get Ready For Health Care Rationing

State officials have found much the same problem in the ObamaCare legislation currently being pressed to be passed in the House and Senate.  In this legislation, President Obama has pushed for regulation of the premiums that the health insurance industry can charge—but nothing in the realm of cutting costs.

Traditionally, both cost cutting and premium control have been a function of the state—and they go hand in hand.  But with only one of those levers in the federal hands, it is feared that the Federal Government will keep premium cost down, but do nothing to cut the costs that doctors and hospitals charge.

In essence, the insurance companies will go insolvent because they won’t be able to pay the bills based on the price that is charged.  One guess as to where these people who no longer have an insurance policy will end up.

They Keep Saying We’re Foolish

I don’t know about you, but I’ve read plenty of articles written that say that those of us that believe that ObamaCare is just a baby step toward socialized medicine are crazy.  We say that employers will opt not to cover.  They say that the bill protects against that—which it does with exceptions.

However, just about the time they think they’ve got all the arguments covered something like this comes along.

I’m not sure why there’s this disconnection—that somehow government has our best at heart and is just trying to help us out when it’s obvious that government just seeks to gain more power to itself.

I mean, look at the people that are there.  There are those that are there to truly be servants, but by and large a vast majority of them are there because it’s a job they want to keep and they get great pay and benefits.

Perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh—but their actions speak louder than their words.

The Net Result

If this legislation goes through, and it is not rolled back, you can see the health care industry in this country headed toward the health care of Great Britain and Canada.

If you thought you waited a long time in the Emergency Room now…

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One thought on “Are We Ready For an Insurance Shortage?

  1. We are in the minority amongst Americans who do not have health insurance. My husband is covered through his job, but the girls and I are relying on God to provide. Seriously, He can do a much better job than Obama care. We have not been to a medical dr in years and years. My 5 year old has never been on antibiotic, or sick enough to need an MD’s care. I don’t want to be forced to pay for insurance. I’d rather pay the fine. In our case, paying for HI makes no sense whatsoever since we’d rather pursue alternative healing measures that likely wouldn’t be covered by insurance anyway! If we were in an accident and needed emergency surgery, or bones set, then we’d probably go the modern medicine route…but you can imagine how much this whole health care debate drives me up the wall! What we have in America today is SICK care, not HEALTH care. We go the remedial route, not the preventative route. The preventative route is exciting, it works, and it is unpopular because it’s not making the big pharma lots of money. IMO.
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