April 12, 2024

Oh How It Builds

Light me On

What’s I find interesting is how much we are influenced by what we take in.  Whether it’s the the ideas that we expose ourselves to or the images that we allow in our heads, whatever we choose to feed our brain with, whatever possibilities we consider, we find that we are less open to the opposing ideas.

Hence why the battleground for morality is fought with children, and certain people believe that teaching Christianity to children is akin to child abuse.  It’s because they realize that if a pattern is taught early to look at things from a Biblical perspective, then the proverb rings true—when he is old he will not depart from it.

It’s the power of Deuteronomy 6—bringing up a child to think God’s thoughts—that seems to revolutionary, and so powerful, even for adults.  If we but practice thinking differently, if we but take steps to look away when we should, we’d find that we had power over sin through the Spirit through our desire to please Him.

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