April 24, 2024

Why Did God…


I keep tabs on all the major social networking sites, and one of them is very heavily biased towards liberalism and atheism.  It pays to keep tabs on them, because you know how they speak and what arguments (weak and strong) they are using.

In particular, I found a thread the other day that made the following statement:

I asked, ‘Why did ‘god’ give reptiles the ability to regenerate and not humans?’ I got this *gem* for my replay…

Reply from co-worker: “God is standing there waiting to help humans, but we keep rejecting them. Reptiles don’t. That is my explanation there.”

Now this was a poor answer from the Christian.  Obviously this guy believed he had to come up with an answer, but this was just a “bait” question.  There are a few ways I believe I would answer this question…

By Whose Authority

My response would have been to ask, “And by what authority do you have the right to ask the question?”  It may seem like a cop out, but ownership implies that the owner has the right to do whatever he wants with what he created and create it in whatever way he wants.

Therefore, the Owner of all life can create life any way He wants—we do not have the right to question or judge.

This is pretty obtuse, though, and would probably result in a condescending “Riiight…” followed by the person believing that you’re either foolish or full of yourself.

Because He Wanted To

This is much like the first argument, but does not call into account the accuser’s ability to question.  This basically states that the Creator decided and it was His arbitrary will.

You could follow this up with:

  • Why did He make toads brown?
  • Why did He make the sky blue?
  • Why did He make us around six foot tall?

The atheist will want to focus on the perceived benefits of regeneration (in this specific instance), but if you start doing an actual comparison between reptiles and humans, you find that this question becomes even more absurd…

  • Why didn’t He make us live the short lifespan reptiles have?
  • Why didn’t He make us to eat bugs?
  • Why didn’t He make us cold blooded?
  • Why did He give us intelligence?

The list goes on and on.  The point is that each bit of Creation was made according to His design and His plan for His purposes.  It’s outside the scope of our knowledge.

Was That The Original Plan?

However, you must always keep in mind that what we see now was not always the original plan.  You see, God created everything and it was “very good” and man sinned and brought a curse on the planet.  Specifically, we were created to live forever in fellowship with God.

I would assume that this would mean that our bodies1 would have to be able to heal—if they could get injured in the first place.

This question is full of judgment, full of folly and it doesn’t truly understand the argument, and it’s foolish in context.  Don’t be caught up in it.

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  1. Our bodies are already are pretty miraculously designed in how it works even if things are not present and does replace itself all the time—just not regeneration []

2 thoughts on “Why Did God…

  1. The answer to all the above questions is patently obvious. “God” (however one chooses to understand that concept) is irrelevant. These differences are a result of natural selection over millennia. The science has been in on this one for a very long time.

    1. Thanks for the joke so late at night. Since Science hasn’t proven anything about the age of the universe, let alone how life came about, or yet proven that natural selection can provide any new information your statements of belief in Evolutionism are sadly misplaced.

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