May 27, 2024

Using the Media as a Propaganda Machine

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It’s getting pretty ridiculous, is it not?  I can’t remember any President in modern history being on the television in prime time as much as President Obama has.  And it’s not just press conferences—it’s taking over a segment of World News Tonight, and prepared speeches.

Even if the media is not trying to sound like the state run media of the communist system, the fact that he has been allowed to appear on the airwaves (costing millions of dollars) multiple times without rebuttal, makes it look really bad.

The Bully Pulpit

Every President has had availability to talk directly to the people.  Often, Presidents (especially Republican Presidents) have been encouraged to go “over the media” and sell their story directly to the American people.  And it’s worked with some success.

Americans want to stand behind their President.  Unlike the Congress, of whom few can name their congressperson, Presidents have a singular focus.  And people can rally around them.

The reason that President Obama is choosing to go to the American people now is that Congress is wavering under the pressure of the people and the town hall meetings.

A Concise Message

To me, I don’t think that this speech is going to do anything.  Not only will it be poorly watched, I’m not sure the President has anything to say that could be of value.  There are multiple versions of these bills headed through the different houses of Congress, containing different things.

President Obama has said and promised things that are missing from different bills, and some of the things that he says make absolutely no sense.  They don’t pass people’s common sense.

So, will you watch?  I’m not sure that I will.  I’m not sure that there’s anything new to learn, and I can catch the dissections later.

All I can say is, don’t expect the President’s approval ratings to jump after this speech, and don’t expect health care insurance reform any time soon.

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