May 20, 2024

So It’s a Baby – I Still Deserve My Choice

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Regardless of what science or medicine say about life in the womb, the pro-abortionist still has a response:

Even if the unborn are human beings, they have fewer rights than the woman.  No one should be expected to donate her body as a life-support system for someone else.

There are three camps in the so called Pro-Choice movement:

“I can’t infringe on someone else’s right.”

These are the people that say that they wouldn’t have an abortion themselves, but they don’t want to stand in the way of someone else getting one.  They believe that the right to kill one’s preborn baby should be something that every mother should have the right to decide.

Logically, this position is equivalent to the Pro-Abortion position because it still states that they believe the baby isn’t human enough to be respected as a separate human individual.


There are some that want to believe everything the Pro-Abortion movement says about the life in the womb.  They don’t want to do the research because they are afraid of what it may prove.  They don’t want to see the posters because of the truth they profess.  They want to believe, therefore they do.

It doesn’t matter

These are the pure Pro-Abortionists, and would be the most likely to make the statement above.  They don’t believe that it matters that it’s a baby, because it’s the woman’s body and her choice.

Let’s take a look over the next few days at this argument, and see if it holds any merit.

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