February 21, 2024

Just How Complex Is It?

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One of the arguments for giving the baby in the womb a different name is that we believe that what we can’t see must be less than we are.  It’s a completely ridiculous assumption, but like news items from places that we cannot see, we tend to believe what those that appear to have authority or knowledge tell us.

The problem is that we aren’t getting good information.  “The genetic information stored in the new individual at conception is the equivalent of fifty times the amount of information contained in the Encycolpedia Britannica.”1

Did you know that prior to the earliest abortions, the baby in the womb has every body part she will ever have?  It’s true.  Surgical abortions are typically not performed before the woman knows that she’s pregnant, and yet by the time that they occur, it’s all there.

In fact, it is in the first trimester that all the baby’s body functions come online.  In the last six months, there’s nothing new that develops or begins functioning—the child only grows and matures.  At six and a half weeks…

Though the embryo now weighs only 1/30 of an ounce, it has all the internal organs of the adult in various stages of development.  It already has a little mouth with lips, an early tongue and buds for 20 milk teeth.  Its sex and reproductive organs have begun to sprout.2

How can someone realize this or read this and still think that it’s not a human child?  They have to have help, and they have to be in denial.

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