May 18, 2024

The Right to be the Only Voice Heard

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There are not many reasons why any given politician or President should be the only voice heard on a given issue.  One of these is when there has been a grave situation that has emerged—like 9/11.  Another is when much debate has occurred and there’s a need to come to resolution as one voice.  The last is when it is a distillation of classified material that needs to be presented in a clear way.

I don’t believe that the health care debate is one of those times.

ABC News is going to deliver World News from the Blue Room of the White House in a town hall style presentation that only presents his side of the debate.

Yesterday we looked at the President’s continued deception on the issue and the fact that he is taking this move says to me that he’s concerned that if you heard both sides of this issue his side would not be strong enough to pass.  It looks to me like a power play.  People only do this when they are concerned that their side will lose if you hear any alternatives.

It’s like the blog that doesn’t allow discussion of anything but what the author of the blog agrees.

By the way I don’t believe President Obama when he says he isn’t for socialized health care.  He’s proven to me that he do not always tell the truth, and I believe he’s lying as part of a strategy to convince the American people to do something they would opt not to if it were presented clearly in the open.

So, what should be done when you have a news network that is in collusion with the President of the United States to deceive the people thereof to enter into more socialistic programs?

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