April 12, 2024

Are You Voting for Chuck Baldwin?


“Who?”  I can hear a bunch of you asking.  Yes, the man on your right is running for President of the United States (in case you didn’t know), and he does have a following in different circles.

As many of you know, I don’t think much of Sens. McCain or Obama, and wish there was a candidate that I agreed with.  However, I have not had much time to look into the third party candidate, but there are some in my blogging sphere that support Chuck Baldwin for President.

Pastor Baldwin is an active Pastor—but unlike Gov. Huckabee, whom I would have supported—he does not have any experience leading anyone but his own flock.  Granted, that isn’t a bad thing, but in reality running a country is much different than running a church.  Especially a church that is not all Christian.

After reading Dana’s great analysis called Why I am not impressed with Chuck Baldwin, I believe that he suffers from much the same problems that Rep. Ron Paul suffers.  Mainly?  That he doesn’t have a way to transition from what we are to what he sees to be right, and that he would cause more problems than he thinks he would solve.

The added difficulty with Pastor Baldwin is that he sees it as his duty to impose Christianity top-down.  I’m firmly against this and believe that this is opposite the Great Commission.  While I agree that Christian morality must be protected, and free expression is important, I disagree with forcing Christianity on people.  It’s choice they should make themselves.

If we’re to head back to be a Christian nation it should be because we have had a revival, not because a President or legislature forced it on us.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Voting for Chuck Baldwin?

  1. Thank you and I agree. That is my biggest concern as well.

    That and I keep thinking, “What if by some miracle he wins?” If he is not a good president, if we are plagued for four years by fighting between the Presidency and the legislature because there is no ability to compromise and issues that are tertiary are continually treated as if they are the most important thing to the nation is it possible that our witness could actually suffer from the election of someone who identifies himself so strongly to be Christian?

    Danas last blog post..Why I am not impressed with Chuck Baldwin

  2. True. Christianity is a matter of the heart. It cannot be forced, or we end up with things like the inquisition. But is that what Chuck Baldwin really wants to do? I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything about him until last week.

    Renaes last blog post..God’s Purpose for Nations

  3. I am all about the 3rd party candidate. I’ll be voting for one myself as a matter of fact. I think many 3rd party candidates have such a different view of what American government should be like that very few of them offer a viable way to get there from here. I understand that my vote is not actually going to get my candidate into the White House, but hopefully it will send a message to whomever ends up there.

    Jennifer Ss last blog post..Tiny Dancer

  4. @Dana: Thank you for putting so much time into boiling it down, I found your work very informative.

    I’m always worried when it comes to people that are self-proclaimed Christians because (unfortunately) people characterize all Christians by these bigger names. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say that I’m not Fred Phelps or some other extremist.

    And then there’s the inevitable fall that happens and hurts the name of Christ.

    @Renae: I know that Christians have trouble relating to public office, and yet there’s a firm section of Christendom that believes on implementing God’s law top down, and from what I’ve read and those that support him, I believe Chuck Baldwin falls in with this court.

    @Jennifer S: I agree that 3rd party is tempting, and may ultimately be where I vote tomorrow. I’m still wrestling through it. Not that it matters in my state– I don’t believe there will actually be a contest here.

  5. My husband’s theory is that if conservative, evangelical Christians keep voting with the Republicans, no matter what candidate they select, then our voices will become lost in the crowd. We will no longer matter and the Republicans will court the middle, taking our votes for granted. I think of supporting a 3rd party candidate as my way of letting them know they can’t take me for granted (and Bob Barr is more in line with my politics anyway).

    Jennifer Ss last blog post..Tiny Dancer

  6. @Jennifer S: I would think that Barr would be closer to mine as well. As for your husband’s theory, it has some merit. However, the devil’s advocate position would say that if conservatives leave the Republican Party then they would leave a Democrat party (in a two party system) with overwhelming numbers in every election.

    What really needs to happen is to have multiple parties– more than 3– as viable options and then we wouldn’t have this trouble.

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