May 21, 2024

Are You Feeling a Draft?

Ski Toys part 2 For quite a while I’ve wondered—what will happen when the globe starts cooling?  The answer: We’ll start saying “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming.”

The funny thing is that people that are rational don’t see the hilarity in the turn of events we are witnessing, and their incoherence on the topic.

What I find funny is that it really doesn’t matter whether it’s cooling or warming, we’re still at fault and we need to do something about it now—or else.

I’m just not sure what that “or else” is supposed to be, or why I’m supposed to believe you.

Global Cooling in the ‘70s

We’ve been through this all before, but it bears repeating.  When I was but a gleam in my mother’s eye the scientists were selling the idea that the globe was cooling, and it was all our fault.  We had to do something now, or who knew how cold it would get.

‘Course that was before they discovered Global Warming in the late ‘90s.

Global Warming—It’s too late

So, then we had Global Warming—with all of its melting ice sheets, etc.—and we were to blame.  Except, now, things aren’t so hot, for them because global temperatures are going down, not up.

Dr. Hackbart also pointed out that periods of solar inactivity known as “solar minimums” magnify cold spells on his continent. So, given that August was the first month since 1913 in which no sunspot activity was recorded — none — and during which solar winds were at a 50-year low, he was not surprised that Brazilians were suffering (for them) a brutal cold snap. “This is no coincidence,” he said as he scoffed at the notion that manmade carbon emissions had more impact than the sun and oceans on global climate.

Also in September, American Craig Loehle, a scientist who conducts computer modelling on global climate change, confirmed his earlier findings that the so-called Medieval Warm Period (MWP) of about 1,000 years ago did in fact exist and was even warmer than 20th-century temperatures.

What? The Medieval Warm Period was hotter than the 2000’s?  And they didn’t have automobiles or coal burning factories?

Why, don’t you find that interesting?

But it gets better:

Don Easterbrook, a geologist at Western Washington University, says, “It’s practically a slam dunk that we are in for about 30 years of global cooling,” as the sun enters a particularly inactive phase. His examination of warming and cooling trends over the past four centuries shows an “almost exact correlation” between climate fluctuations and solar energy received on Earth, while showing almost “no correlation at all with CO2.”

Seems like all of those skeptics may have been right in the first place.  Pity that people can’t stand firm on their convictions and have bowed to pressure from the cult of climate change.  Right about now, one of the candidates could say they saw through the junk science.

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