March 2, 2024

Dreaming of a One World Currency

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I’ve always believed that one of the signs that we would be near the One World Order that marked the beginning of the tribulation period would be the rise of a One World Currency.  The widely popular Left Behind Series has three currencies at the beginning of it, and they become one during the series.

However, I wasn’t too sure how a one world currency would work—and why each nation would give up control of their money.  It seems much more possible now…

It’s Just Digits

As technology has grown, more of our money has been kept as digits rather than physical, tangible things.  Gone are the days of money in mayonnaise jars, let alone money that was bound to anything besides paper.  Today’s world exists in digits stored in various computer systems accessed electronically over the Internet or at your local bank.

And don’t get me started on credit.  The fact that you can borrow someone else’s digits, or use credit (even of the debit card variety) instead of actually tendering cash (regardless of what the Visa Check Card wants you to believe) makes you even more detached from how much you have and how much you  have left.

Since it’s mostly just digits, it’s nationalism and governmental control that are the biggest reasons that we do not have one currency today, in my opinion.

Bank Failure

When banks fail, someone needs to step in and help.  When a country fails, the odds are they won’t keep their currency.

And then there’s this from the same article:

Some economists are predicting it might take wholesale worldwide nationalization or partial nationalization of banks to get the credit market moving again.  The stock markets are taking a fearful beating as is, with the Dow at a five-year low and the Nikkei Dow down 19% in the past 48 hours.  To the president’s credit, he’s invited the finance ministers from major nations to Washington today to swap ideas and possibly coordinate a response to this tsunami.  For all of our sakes, I hope they have an answer, because to quote a favorite movie of mine, “I’m stunned beyond the capacity for rational thought at this point.”

No one wants another great depression, and that might be the opportunity for those that want the One World Order to step in with a plan to help everyone that includes one currency with central control.

I’m not saying that would signal the end, for I’m pretty sure there’s got to be a peace treaty with Israel for 7 years that shows up right before or after God’s people are removed, but a One World Currency would be a step closer in my book.

Is The Moon Blood Red?

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3 thoughts on “Dreaming of a One World Currency

  1. Thank you for that thoughtful post.

    If you look closely at the trends worldwide, the booms and crashes and the ‘solutions’ and if you pay attention to the people and institutions behind the decisions you might be surprised to find that the globalization trend has a decidedly purposed undertone.

    “some economists”

    Who are these economists and who do they work for? Are they on the payroll of the major banks receiving the benefits of the bailouts? Or are they on the payroll of the Central Banks in charge of regulating the money supplies of the major world economies?

    There is an old formula to gaining influence and power: get a little power, use that power to create a problem, and argue for more power to solve the problem.

    I’m not sure who invented it (probably satan ultimately) but I can tell you a short list of those who used this manifest opportunism: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, and arguably, the Bush administration along with the Federal Reserve Bank.

    You see, abortion and marriage are major issues, but I won’t take a nod to pro-life politics in exchange for domination of the money supply which ultimately leads to totalitarian fascism. In a totalitarian fascism, the right to life and marriage sanctity will become moot points.

    It’s a lot like these stimulus checks and the bailouts. The government is literally offering you money, and in doing so, debasing the value of they very money they are giving you and driving us toward further economic ruin. It looks a little too much like paying people off to keep quiet about the fact that the government is stealing and destroying free society and the free market.

    Scrooge McDuck has it right, one of principles will not accept money one has not earned. Because a wise person realizes that once money can be printed and distributed without actually being earned, it ceases to have any real value.

    Arthur Eisss last blog post..Confiscation Through Inflation

  2. @Arthur Eiss: Many things are interrelated, for sure, and I agree with the statement you have about use power to create a mess and claim the need for more power to fix it. You can see it everywhere.

    Do you refuse to cash your stimulus check? Send it back?

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