May 18, 2024

I’ve Found A Great Laptop

Dell Mini 9

Ok, so I’m checking around in my e-mail and blogs this morning when I spot this: The Dell Mini 9 Laptop.

At the cheapest setting this laptop is only $349—and that’s with a solid state hard drive, a genuine Intel processor and Ubuntu OS.

You don’t know how terrific of a buy this is for a person that just needs to surf the web.

I really like the one that’s on the high end—the $499 version that because it has 1 Gigabyte of Memory as well as a 16 Gigabyte Hard Drive while running Windows XP Home.

So here’s the deal.  I’ve talked it over with my wife, and she’s agreed to let me get one, but I have to pay for it through money raised from blogging.

Now, I do have ads, and I do have paid posts, so I’m not expecting you, my readers to fund this new toy for me.  You’ve already helped me get out of debt last year, and you’ve done a lot for me.

Still, some of you may read this blog and want to help me in my endeavor.  If that’s the case, then I’ve created a Chip-In widget where you can help me toward my goal.

I’ll definitely let you know what it’s like when I pick one up—and at this price, you may want to consider if one may be right for you.

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7 thoughts on “I’ve Found A Great Laptop

  1. @Rachel: Why would I want an Apple when I’m a Windows programmer? I don’t think I can do C# on Macs.

    However, the $349 version of this laptop comes with Ubuntu, and since Macs now run a version of linux/unix you might be at home with it!

    DR’s Money Management: Microsoft really hopes there are more like you.

  2. That’s true, you might not want an Apple for that reason (and I don’t even really understand what that reason is!!!). 🙂

    All I know is I’m a convert. I dug my heels in and resisted for as long as I could and ol’ Steve Jobs finally won me over. The man puts out an amazing, albeit more expensive, product!

    Rachels last blog post..Home… but for How Long?

  3. @Rachel: Well, I’m a software developer by trade, and all my training is on Windows. That, and another of the toys I want is a Windows Home Server for backups. That looks like a great pc.

    Sorry about losing you to Jobs!

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