April 24, 2024

What’s Going on Here at MInTheGap?

We have a bunch of things going on here that you may have noticed, but I just wanted to let you know what I’m doing to make your time here more enjoyable!

I’m currently in the process of closing down old incarnations of this blog. This has included the following processes:

  • Moving all posts from old systems to new blog – DONE!
  • Reformatting and Categorizing old posts – In Progress
  • Moving all Comments from old system and putting them with the right post – In Progress (1 down, 1 to go)
  • Closing Down Old Blogs – In Progress

At the same time I’ve also added some features to this blog I think that you’ll enjoy!

  • Meebo – Now you can Instant Message me through my blog! The widget on the top right hand side will show if I’m online. You can change your nickname, and then type messages to me, and I can talk with you live! Don’t be surprised if I say ‘hello’ to you too!
  • From the Archive – Each time you refresh the front screen, one of the posts will be from the archive, but still relevant for today. Check out posts you might not see otherwise! Something may spark your interest!
  • Subscribe to Comments – There’s now a check box at the bottom of the comment box that will let you subscribe (via e-mail) to comments when they are posted on a given topic! Now you can keep up with a thread even if you have to break away from the MInTheGap homepage!
  • Edit Comments – Make a spelling mistake? Now you can edit your comments for up to 30 minutes after you made them. Don’t abuse this or I’ll have to take it away đŸ˜‰
  • Gravatar – I’ve been undecided about whether to have Gravatar images in comments or not, so I’ve decided to try it. Let me know what you think about the option– will you use them?
  • Noteworthy – If you see a little heart icon next to the post, that means that it’s noteworthy– it’s a popular post, or something that means that I would like you to take note of it. This post is noteworthy, as you can see.

Give me some feedback if you like or do not like a feature, or if there’s something you’ve seen on other blogs that you’d like to see here too! I’ll see what I can do, and we can all enjoy our experience on MInTheGap.

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