May 25, 2024

From the “Horse’s” Mouth

English: Heidi Klum modeling at The Heart Trut...
English: Heidi Klum modeling at The Heart Truth Fashion Show 2008. Español: La modelo alemana Heidi Klum desfilando en el Heart Truth Fashion Show 2008. Nueva York, 1 de febrero de 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing on my theme about images and what is going on in today’s society, a line from this report on Yahoo! from model Heidi Klum.
Mrs Klum (did she change her name during her last marriage?) is talking about being pregnant and how she’s raising her first child, and then she has this to say:

Klum says a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot in early fall will likely be her first gig when she returns to modeling.

And what if she’s not quite back in shape?

“They’ll retouch it,” she says. “We all don’t look the way we look in magazines.”

So, as you see here, my point exactly– we don’t have truth in advertising, we have what they want you to see. Some would say that perhaps we don’t want to see the truth! However, maybe if we were stuck on the truth we’d have pictures of clothing instead of pictures selling sex.

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