March 4, 2024

Global or Known World?

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Summary: Meacham continues his comparison with Augustus but notes that there are no other stories in history/mythology that completely parallel the Annuciation. He goes on to say that Luke and Matthew would resonate with the people of the times because of the familiar stories, and that there were many factions within Christianity at the time. He starts to discuss the heresy of gnosticism and their beliefs. He closes stating that Christians have to know and address these “mysteries” and that Christianity is worth while despite them.

Not much here to rebut. This is his closing to a sea of error. One quick note– that AiG article I posted yesterday states that there was indeed a census– Meacham’s point about not being able to have a “global” census is skewed since “global” meant the known world.

What have we learned? That this was not a fair or balanced attempt to research the Christmas story. You noticed how the only one in favor of the story was listed at the beginning saying that we believe it no matter what– painted to look ignorant. Throughout the article we have countless quotes and suppositions from the Jesus Seminar, etc. that attack the very validity of the historical account.

Should Christians get in this battle? Does everything boil down to “if Christ is God– the Bible must be true.” It may be a true statement; however, Peter also says that we should be ready and able to defend the faith– to have an answer to that asked of us. In a day where error can be spread online as fact, it’s up to Christians to defend the faith.

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4 thoughts on “Global or Known World?

  1. Wow, good series MIn. I do think we should ‘defend the faith’. My reasoning for this is- God is a logical Being. He’s left out enough for faith, but He’s left enough in to defend logically. It makes one complete, you know? This interplay of faith and reason.

  2. :)just found your Blog and with your kind permission would like to add you to our friends list
    Now to what prompted me to take laptop in hand and put thoughts to screen. I read with intrest your 7 paey defense of the Bible and the Truth There are so many flaws in his article that you could drive an 18 wheeler through with room for a cruse ship and a iceburg It would take more time than I really care to invest to answer all of his spurious comments. You did an excelent job . i would however like to address the so-called Jesus seminar (or whatever its called). These thelogians( ) have run out of things to say and are reduced to trying to convince the rest of us that they really know Scripture. Not true, not true. I have spent over 20 years in Biblical languagesas well as extensive and intensive study of the Word. They all are working from the premise that they are the only ones ewith insight. Would you like to see Paul deal with these miscreants? keep the faith maybe one day you can share it with them!!!

  3. Very funny, Flash. đŸ™‚

    It’s true though– I can’t imagine a bunch of people sitting around with marbles trying to figure out to what degree a given event was really Jesus or not. (Jesus Seminar)

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