April 12, 2024

When to Go, When to Stay

One of the hardest things I think to decide is when you’ve been at a certain place long enough– be it work, church, city, etc.  We all know the circumstances that get us to these points.  Something is uncomfortable, we need a change, strife and problems accompany the place, and the list goes on as long as you want!

It’s hard to tell when to go or where to go.  Some people would advise waiting on the Lord’s will.  that’s sound advice, depending on how you go about doing it.  These people are usually divided into two camps:

  • Set out fleeces and see where to go
  • See what the circumstances surrounding the current situation are, and go from there.

The first camp relies on Gideon, primarily, since he is the famous fleece putter-outter (my highly technical term).  He did it to some good effect, and got the answer.  However, surrounding his decision was clear instruction by God.  He was to go, and he tested God.  Is testing God the right method?  Does it show an
example to follow, or a man of little faith?

The second one is even more perplexing.  Some would say a bad set of circumstances is something telling you to get out of there– God’s closing doors.

Others would say it’s Satan attacking– press on.

Personally, I go with the third, not listed, option.  I believe we have to follow God’s specifically laid out will in His Word– and if there’s options that do not violate His given will, we’re free to choose.  Does that make making decisions any easier?  No.  Would we rather God write out our lives in the sky?  Yes!  However, He wants us to grow to know Him, and this is the way He’s chosen to do it for now.

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2 thoughts on “When to Go, When to Stay

  1. I also pick 3. One cannot ever go wrong spending time in the Word and listening to the Spirit. To be anxious in a situation or setting, I believe, is also His work in leading us on to something else where we can do His work and not settle for being ‘comfortable’.

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