April 24, 2024

Freedom From Religion

Again, if it wasn’t enough to remove monuments outside courthouses, the latest is this order from Houston that forbids a Bible to be displayed in a plaza in front of the main entrance of the courthouse. Clearly, no one was forced to read the Bible, or to go up to it to see that it was a Bible, and not the Koran or some other book. And yet, this is a “triumph” for religious liberty? How is that? Citizens were denied the right to freely exercise their religion. The next thing you know Churches will have to take crosses or their signs down because it offends the driver of the car going by!

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One thought on “Freedom From Religion

  1. And why do atheists even bother? What a lack of logic. If, according to them, God does not exist, then this should not be offensive for them. Pure contradiction on their part.

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