March 4, 2024

Acting like Babies

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Did you ever notice how difficult it is to get children to behave consistantly. I mean, I guess I’ve known this fact for a while, but becoming a parent has just confirmed it. It seems that no matter how well they behave at home with their parents, they never seem to behave as expected when Grandma’s there, or over at the neighbors.

How different they are, and yet how much we are the same as them. We also have this ability to be different people in different places. We are one person at work when people are watching. We’re another at church. We’re another at home.

The Lord doesn’t want inconsistent people. It is the total opposite of His character– and one of the greatest perfections of God on which to cling. He will love you the same today as yesterday. He will keep His Word no matter what.

Let this be an encouragement to us to follow His example and work toward being a consistent, unveiled person.

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One thought on “Acting like Babies

  1. The Lord knows our hearts and our minds. No matter what we do he knows where we are. As Humans we fall short of the glory of God we all have many masks we put on to please others. The thought is horrible but we all do it to be accepted. But should we worry soo much about the acceptence of others when we should be worried about the acceptence of our Lord adn Savior God. Why do we do that has society truley won over God. NO God sees us through any mask we put on so we do not hide from, him just ourselves and others. God sees all and knows all so lets strive to impress him not others!! Many blessings

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