May 16, 2021

Q Is In The News A Lot

Pictured on the right are the last posts from Q. At least, the last as of this writing. Nothing new has been posted by him/them since December the 8th, and that last post was to a YouTube video of the song, “We aren’t going to take it anymore.”

Since then, we’ve had the Texas case get shot down by SCOTUS, the “Pence Card” and a raid on the Capitol that everyone’s been talking about.

I half wonder if all the talk about Q in the mainstream press is an attempt to rub in the fact that they believe that Trump’s upcoming loss means that Q was wrong about everything else.

And I’ve seen as much said, even by the right wing.

So what will the Q people believe after Wednesday and there are no massive arrests, Trump goes off to Florida, and the world moves on?

Q has always given the impression that they were in the government and that they chose Trump as a vehicle to expose and defeat the Deep State, what with their Satanism, pedophilia, etc. I expect that many will believe that their plan was thwarted and that they must form a new plan, choose a new President and continue the fight.

I don’t believe that Q will be back– though I’ve been wrong about this before– because they may decide that telling a lot of their plans on an open forum was a tactical mistake– depends on the outcome compared to the plan.

Don’t buy into the nonsense that you see on Twitter that claims that there was never any evidence to support it and nothing ever came true:

I half thought about working through the Q posts just to illustrate the lengths to which Q went to validate who they were as well as predictions that came through with shocking accuracy. Some you could chalk up to being a really good Twitter hacker or a bot or something– maybe– or maybe a lot of it is confirmation bias, but people didn’t follow this thing because they thought there was no evidence.

In any case, the journey toward the end of times continues onward, Q or not. As I was recently reminded, God is Sovereign, His justice is righteous and will not be denied.

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