May 10, 2021

What Changes Are You Making Because of COVID-19?

Life is full of change, sometimes driven by us and sometimes happening to us. In my life there have been events that have happened that have had a big effect to things around me and some that are just milestones.

The Challenger explosion really didn’t change life around me, nor did the Impeachment of Bill Clinton– though politics and using Impeachment as a political tool did change. 9/11 was probably the first big event that changed some things for me– with the Patriot Act, Airport Security and the rest.

The COVID-19 aftermath may likely change a lot of things around us in the ways that we interact with groups at churches, restaurants and sporting activities. Or maybe it won’t, but you should definitely be taking a look at your family and house and see what you should change and adapt there.

I’m confident family men will be looking to re-prioritize their spending habits once the dust settles. On top of that, they’ll be preparing themselves and their children to ensure they can survive on their own without the assistance from their Big Brother aka the Government.

1. For some, the recent tanking of the stock market and mass layoffs will have catastrophic results which never fully heal.

2. For others, they’ll be leaving this smarter, healthier, and wealthier than ever before.

I’d not be surprised at all to hear of how people want to move to places where they have more room, not bigger houses per say, but rather acreage instead of apartments.

I also fully expect people to change their habits, keeping in the back of their mind that there may be a time where they’ll have to be on their own for an extended period of time and therefore, more than the minimum needs to be kept in the home

Fatherhood has officially entered a new age

How about you? Looking at having more land? What changes are you making?

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