May 27, 2022

She Is Valued For Herself

Reading through the Bible, some have gotten the impression that woman is only valued for what she can do for a man. she can bring him children, she can be his helper, and she can bring him pleasure. I was struck by this passage of a blog post I read:

Woman is valued for herself alone. She is many things, but the glory of Woman is that she is. She is a God-created original, valued not for her future achievements but for her present companionship. God’s creation of woman was not a pragmatic move. It was not merely for childbearing, nor was it for housekeeping or child-raising. Eve was created for Adam. Eve’s value was in her existence alone. That first day when Adam beheld Eve, he did not wish her to be any more than she was. That she was was enough for him.

She Was Valued For Herself Alone

When you start to think though the creation, it is woman who has the unique creation experience. For everything else, God spoke it into existence or formed it from the dust of the ground. For Eve, she was formed from a living being, put to sleep. Something came out of him to make her, and she was a perfect fit for him.

When he saw her, he did not think of her as a subordinate, one to bear his children, or a housekeeper… he saw his companion– a person to be loved for who she was.

We can easily get caught up in the sexism of the day that aims to create division of the sexes. We get this germ while we’re young treating the other sex as if it’s gross and then letting that metastasize into something worse. We can join the fight the false fight of equality, where we determine value not on being the best that God has created us to be but by measuring what we have against another.

Or we can start to value ourselves as God does, and as Adam was able to do. We should value each other for who and what we are– as 1 Peter 3 says, joint heirs to the faith, bound for Heaven.

Let’s keep that in focus as we live together with one another– value your spouse for who they are, and help them to press on in their high calling.

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