August 19, 2022

Marital Intimacy – I Corinthians 6:12-7:5, 7:25-38 – Singleness, Marriage and Sex

Where Does Paul Derive His Instruction about the topic of intimacy in marriage?

First, from Adam and Eve—the two became one flesh. This is the key to why sexual immorality it prohibited by Paul and lays the foundation for the arguments against it. Second, from the Gospels in which we learned that Jesus said that compared to the love of family we should love God above all else. This is foundational to the ideas that Paul is going to have about why you should not marry if you can help it.

What are the commands in this passage?

  • Sexual Immorality is harmful because it is the joining of two people into one.
  • The husband’s and wife’s bodies are not their own, they are to be physically intimate.
  • Stay as you are, if you are able.

For What Purpose does Paul Say it is Better Not to be Married?

Paul states that having a wife or husband means that the concern that the person has is divided between caring for things of the Lord and caring for the spouse. This takes into account Jesus’ statements on loving Jesus more than family as well as an understanding of the times of persecution and the problems that it would be for a person of the time to stand fast for the faith; however, this also highlights the idea that it is right for a husband or wife to entertain concern for their spouse to the point that it could interfere with service to God, otherwise Paul would not be concerned about it.

Why is Sexual Immorality so Harmful?

The sexual act is a mysterious act in that it binds two people, and it does this even when the two people are not married. It is not a ceremony, not a license and not a pronouncement that turns two people into one, but the physical act.

Paul Gives One Reason Why You Can Withhold Physical Intimacy. What is it?

Prayer—some say prayer and fasting. Paul recognizes that sex is a powerful bond and a powerful desire between a husband and wife, and does not allow any room, other than with agreement for spiritual reasons, for abstaining from regular relations. Both partners have the right to have it. Both partners have rights over the other’s body. To Paul, this is part and parcel of the marriage union. He rehearses multiple times that it is a powerful thing that has a right expression.

Should I Remain Single?

This is definitely something that will allow you to serve God better. Do you have the gift?

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