April 16, 2021

Bookmarks for July 5th through July 6th

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These are my links for July 5th through July 6th:

  • Vox Popoli: The myth of Deist America – For crying out loud, there were nearly as many MINISTERS signing the Declaration of Independence as there were deists. The lesson is to always treat atheists spouting “facts” like Jehovah’s Witnesses “quoting” the Bible. Always, always, always, ask them for their source. Most of the time, when you force them to trace it back, it will turn out to be pure fiction.
  • There is no ‘free’ lemonade :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Terry Savage – Kids have lemonade stand where they give away the lemonade for free– good idea or does it teach socialism?
  • Human rights activist tries to stop death by stoning for Iranian woman – CNN.com – It’s sad that this woman confessed to adultery (she now states that she didn’t do it) and now will be stoned. I pray that they are able to save her. But it certainly says something about the severity of breaking the marital vow and is something that shows how flippant we are about people that cheat on their spouse. New York is considering “no-fault” at the same time that this woman is going to be stoned.
  • Golf and Motherhood on Conflicting Courses – NYTimes.com – Which comes first: Golf or Motherhood? It’s a tough call for individuals– especially if you’re good at your game. Children are a blessing, should you put it off? But what about the financial incentives and providing for your family if you’re really good? What choice would you make?
  • Althouse: Which face is more attractive to you? Each is a composite of 8 female faces. – Each generation’s wise men are always the same. In the time of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and called his wise men to say what it meant– but he added “tell me the dream and it’s interpretation.” They protested, saying, “tell us the dream, and we’ll tell you what it means– for they would make up something after the fact. Same with the evolutionists today. It seems that they love to do a study and then start to guess at why evolution must have favored that trait, even if it doesn’t make sense.As Althouse says, “the morphs done on male faces found that women were especially attracted to the faces morphed from men with small wrists. Explain that, oh, evolutionary psychologist bull[poo] artist. Of course, they can explain it, because they are up for explaining everything that happens to be. “
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