August 14, 2022

Pregnancy Takes No One By Surprise

Young Teenage Mother Woes

Though the timing of a pregnancy may come as a surprise, virtually no one that has a physical relationship with another person is unaware that that activity can cause a pregnancy.  Indeed, we’re explaining to children at ever younger ages how children are made a formed along with providing them with means and methods that are less than 100% effective for having all the pleasure with none of the responsibility.  Or so they’re lead to believe.

There Is No Morally Right Choice For Abortion

“My Body, My Choice” is the common phrase written on banners that speak of those that back a woman’s right to kill a baby in the womb.  And to those that believe that abortion is a civil right, the logic seems clear:

Teens get abortions for a variety of reasons: many cannot afford the medical costs of a baby or the cost of raising a baby, and they do not feel mature enough to raise a child. These are real, logical reasons that often warrant an abortion. In an America where the Stupak amendment is law, the government will not support teenage girls who need abortions for those very reasons.  [Op-Ed: A Woman’s Body is Her Private Property]

But what seems like logical argument is actually an argument full of holes.

The 2 Year Old

By the reasoning above, if a teen that has a child cannot afford the medical cost of a 2 year old, if they cannot afford the cost of raising a 2 year old or they do not feel mature enough to raise a 2 year old, then it should be reasonable to kill the 2 year old.  Because the only thing that’s different between the baby inside the womb and outside the womb is location.

This foolish argument is being taught to the teens and young among us to justify a series of teachings and poor decisions made by adults.  It’s the shirking of responsibility.

Pregnancy Was a Choice

The truth of the matter is, every time a couple engages in sexual intimacy there is a chance that it will result in a baby.  There’s a greater chance that (if done outside of marriage) it will result in disease.  But the time for the choice was before engaging in the activity.

In this way, it’s a same as the stock market.  If you have $1,000 to invest and you choose to get in the market, there’s a chance you’re going to lose it all.  There’s a chance that you might lose some, and there’s a chance that you can make a lot.  Truthfully, unless you stay in the market a while, with a balanced portfolio over the long haul, there’s a better chance that you’ll lose money than gain.

Should we say that, if you end up losing money in the market we should take money from someone else and pay you back that money1?  Should you not absorb the risk, and should an innocent person pay for your mistake?

That is what is happening in the case of an abortion.  Two people engaged in an activity with a probable outcome that was well known.  The outcome happened, and we’re supposed to believe that it’s reasonable to assume that the innocent—the baby—should pay for the mistake of its parents with its life.

And this is wrapped in the idea of “Private Property” and a “Woman’s Choice.”  What about that girl in the womb?  Has she no rights to her own body?  Does she have no choice?

Pregnancy takes no one by surprise, so why not focus on reminding teens that they should refrain from an activity that leads to a known result instead of killing innocent children for the sins of their parents?

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  1. In some ways, you can see this reflected in what our government did with Wall Street in the Great Recession that we’re now in, but how many believe that it was right to give Wall Street bankers big bonuses for messing up? []

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Takes No One By Surprise

  1. Nicely said. Here in our part of the world, pro-abortion laws has never gained ground due to heavy resistance from a predominantly Catholic population. The pro-abortionists stand relies heavily on technicalities about the status of the fetus being not technically a human being yet, etc. etc. They pour all their strength on the solution after the issue rather than focusing on the ways of preventing the issue from sprouting up in the first place. If only we could make pre-marital sex a really serious crime. 🙂
    .-= Jenny M.´s last blog ..Cheap Popcorn Machines =-.

  2. Pregnancy is not a crime.

    Sex is something natural, it is not only the decession of the male or the female to do it.

    The whole problem is explained by the understanding of the society.

    in 2008 followed a course COMMON LAW given by an american lawyer in the Netherlands
    and read some case law to ROSS

    church and believe is in the this state very important
    and common law gave not so many opprotunities to intergrate other THOUGHTS. In europe the society speaks openly about many things

  3. Well said.
    The Israelites (when they had turned from God) were sacrificing their children to idols…how is that different from today when people sacrifice their unborn children to their idols? We don’t call it child sacrifice, but that’s what it is.
    Sacrificing to their idol of pleasure, lust, and “I’ll do what I wanna do!”.
    Perhaps sacrificing to the idol of money? Comfort?
    Abortion is child sacrifice, legalized.

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