May 10, 2021

The Last Stretch

poll_obama_vs_mccain It’s hard to believe that this election will—hopefully—be over next Tuesday.  With the primary season included it seems like it’s been a very long time that politics has been part of the national discourse.

The news report I watched this morning said that Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama will be focusing on Ohio, Florida and the other states that Pres. Bush won in 2004.  They believe that the election will be won or lost in these states.

It seems like the main theme for the rest of the campaign will be the economy.

Sen. Obama seems to be continuing to try to link Sen. McCain to the economic problem by linking him with Pres. Bush.  The fallacy here is that for most of the eight years of President Bush much of society actually made money, the economy grew, and unemployment was very low.  It has not been until the last few months that things have looked bad—but since people are fickle and do not remember past last week, his attacks of talking about “the past eight years” will work for those leaning toward him.

Sen. McCain will continue to hit Sen. Obama on his “redistribution of wealth” comment.  Just this morning, Drudge has a link to the following video:

The important parts of this? That Sen. Obama has, at his core, a radical that believes that the government should have a greater role in enforcing “fairness” and redistributing wealth.

Right about now, we have to wonder what undecided voters will think about the comparison of a guy that wants to redistribute wealth compared to a person who is linked with the current administration.

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One thought on “The Last Stretch

  1. I really think that at this stage in the game people have stopped listening to either candidate. I think Obama could do or say almost anything and still go up in the polls.

    I also think we’re so oversaturated by all kinds of media and documents, that we (as a nation) don’t even know who to believe. We hear something bad about Obama (redistribution of wealth, not born an American, ties to Kenyan violence, ties to domestic terror, etc..) and we don’t believe it.

    In one way, I want i to end – in another way, I don’t, because of how it looks like it will turn out.

    And yeah, most of us ARE better off than we were 8 years ago…well, up until the last month or so. But tell us how we’re “hurting,” and we begin to feel the imagined pain.

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