June 24, 2021

Who Says the Army Isn’t Accommodating

The armed forces today, whether they are ours or our allies, are amazing.  Certainly there was valor, chivalry, and war heroes.  The United States military machine takes the finest this country has to offer and trains them to be the best fighters around the world.

At the same time, the military now incorporates education with their training, and will accommodate a variety of requests.  During one of the seasons of American Idol, a person in the competition was allowed to go and compete until he no longer advanced.

In the Israeli army, Yael Nezri (Miss Israel) was given a waiver so that she did not have to carry her gun on patrols since it was injuring her legs which would not go well with the different modeling gigs she had going.  Of course, unlike the U.S., every Israeli must spend time in the army, but they did not have to grant this waiver.

In some ways, the military is becoming more and more like a profession, and in others it’s not.  It’s the only “profession” where your job description includes killing people and breaking things while having the possibility of being killed yourself.

Praise God for our men and women that are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us.  May He protect our troops (and those of our allies) while they are away from us, and we look forward to victory and a speedy return.

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