April 22, 2021

Public High Schools Weigh Bible Courses

800 high schools are considering teaching from a book entitled “The Bible and Its Influence”. The Supreme Court recently stated “The Bible is worthy of study for its literary and historic qualities.” And this is very true. The Bible is the single most copied book. It was the first book ever printed.

There’s two different groups pushing Bible education in public schools. One is the one with the text book (Bible Literacy) and the other is National Council. National Council believes that the Bible should be its only textbook. It offers teachers a course outline.

Of course, both groups don’t like the other one. Bible Literacy blasts National Council’s program as a sectarian document and NC blasts BL as being a mishmash of thought that would confuse the children.

It’s good to get the Bible into classrooms– it has its own impact. I worry, though, that by limiting it to a history book or confusing the truths that are in it, this whole thing may do more harm than good. In my mind, it’s one more good reason to be homeschooling.

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