May 16, 2021

When women stay home, wealth increases

windowslivewritershouldmomsgotowork-63aamother-with-baby-thumb.jpgAs if it wasn’t enough that mothers raise better children and that children are more well adjusted with involved parents, it turns out that when women stay home wealth increases:

Here’s a phenomenon social scientists just cannot explain. In the oil-rich Canadian province of Alberta, personal incomes have been soaring as a booming economy drives down unemployment. And yet as the incomes of male workers rise, more and more women with children seem to be … staying home with the kids. How to explain this baffling phenemonon? Here’s Canada’s Globe and Mail:”The working women of the province are disappearing, just as the province’s superheated economy is becoming increasingly short-handed. Unemployment has fallen to unimaginably low levels, and help-wanted signs plaster the windows of retail businesses throughout the province. Businesses are scouring Alberta, indeed the entire country, for workers, going so far as to launch recruiting drives in prisons.

“And while that desperate search goes on, women such as Ms. Carvey are turning away from work to become not-so-desperate housewives. Ten years ago, Alberta had nearly the highest proportion of working women (or women looking for work) with daycare-age children and a spouse, second only to Prince Edward Island.

As Vox sums up, when the women don’t compete for jobs with men, there are less people employed and therefore the wage that is offered is higher! Amazing to think about– but be careful not think about it too loudly, or you may come to “scary” conclusions!

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