April 12, 2021

Frozen in Mid-Air

When I think of things that scare me about air travel (which I have done more frequently in the past) the usual things that come to mind are turbulance causing the wings to fall off, or that Hawaiian airline that lost the top of the fuselage so that people were sucked out. I don’t usually think of being frozen to death.

That being said, it is a tragedy what has happened in Greece.

I can definitely sympathize with the family members and crew that didn’t want to board the same airliner’s planes! I think I would take a bus. I can’t imagine the pain that the families are going through, or what it would be like to be frozen to death. I pray that they first fell asleep then froze so that it was peaceful!

Perhaps this will be an opportunity for the families to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that would be a blessing coming out of this tragedy.

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