April 21, 2021

McCain in Trouble

I don’t know if you’re following this or even have heard about John McCain being in an R rated movie, but he’s now making jokes about our concerns.  His latest line is that “I work with boobs every day.”

To catch you up to speed, John McCain, who spoke out at one time about the filth that was coming out of Hollywood and R rated movies, has went out and started in the latest release movie ‘Wedding Crashers’ that follows the two men visiting weddings.  These two divorce attorneys hit weddings in order to bed women that are emotionally caught up in the wedding.

According to screenit.com, Wedding crashers rates the following:

Alcohol/Drugs: Heavy
Disrespectful/Bad Attitude: Extreme
Profanity: Extreme
Sex/Nudity: Extreme

A brief summary states “Profanity consists of at least 26 “f” words, while other expletives and plenty of
colorful phrases are uttered. Sexually related dialogue (some of it explicit) is present, while a montage shows quick scenes of the two shirtless men getting on top of topless women on various beds.”

“Other sex is implied, and other sexual material is present including fooling around, a married woman having a man feel her bare breasts, a nymphomaniac doing various sexual things to a man in several  scenes, and a man coming on to another man in bed. Brief nonsexual nudity is also present.”

You be the judge, is he being hypocritical or not?  Is this a big deal or not?  I think it is.

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