April 14, 2021

The Hand off to Moses

I found it interesting to read about a case where disobeying the king was rewarded.  The Pharaoh had ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill every male child that was born.  When the midwives did not, the Pharaoh asked why not, they told them that it was because the Hebrew women were having the children before the midwives arrived!  And then the telling sentence– that God blessed the midwives because they did not kill the Hebrew males.

It’s also fascinating to think of Moses being taken in by the princess.  She knew that he was a Hebrew, and that must have infuriated  Pharaoh to no end.  No wonder that at the first sign of trouble from Moses, Pharaoh was ready to get rid of him.  One could imagine that if Moses was an Egyptian, the slaying of another man could have made him highly exalted.

The other thing that struck me was that Moses, the deliverer out of Israel, was right there, and the people did not want him, so he left.  Then there’s the comment “and Israel cried unto the Lord.”  It’s almost like a movie running in my head– you have Moses sitting on the side of the hill watching sheep, and the cries of
Israel in the background.  The suspense is there (if you didn’t already know what was going to happen) and in true “underdog” fashion, God is going to call this “farmer” to come back and save His people.

What a great God we serve!

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2 thoughts on “The Hand off to Moses

  1. never thought of this stuff like you have it put here. It is really neat. Our God is def. mighty and awesome. I am so thankful to be serving Him.

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