May 23, 2024

Top 10 Modesty Issues for Men

Heawy SportsmannMin’s been so serious lately, I thought I would drag thoughts in a little more light-hearted direction. So with tongue fully in cheek, I present the
Top 10 Modesty Issues for Men

  1. No Speedos. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Except for professional athletes, No Spandex!
  3. Midriff baring t-shirts were only acceptable for 80’s male aerobics instructors.
  4. Visible tattoos are fine for ex-military personnel. Only.
  5. Earrings are great – as a gift for your wife.
  6. If your hair is over twelve inches long, you had better have a Nazarite vow ongoing.
  7. Jeans with holes are perfectly acceptable up to a maximum of three holes.
  8. If you ride a Harley or a horse, leather pants/chaps are in, otherwise they are just plain out.
  9. Wearing nylons is only acceptable during the commission of a bank robbery. (Not that we advocate such.)
  10. Pants were meant to be worn with belts (or suspenders if you are a circus clown).

Feel free to add any issues I may have overlooked in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Modesty Issues for Men

  1. The odd thing is, I’m usually ok with men who have long hair. Sometimes I think it looks better on certain men than others. The only regulation (which I would advise women also) is to tie it back in some fashion when working with food or in windy conditions.

    I might also add that beer guts with shirts just *barely* tucked around them are ugly. Wear big button down shirts until you can learn some self-control!

    All the other ideas are great!


  2. Min –

    What about a mohawk? I had a male student who would regularly change out the color, but we often had conversations about how that probably wasn’t acceptable for a job interview or on the job. Can you think of any occupations where a mohawk would be acceptable? Your long hair comment made me think of it!

    Also, did you see this story? The woman who was told she was dressed inappropriate to fly on Southwest? I thought it sort of went along with your modesty conversations. Here is the direct link to the Today Show Video.

  3. I could see several occupations where a mohawk would be perfectly appropriate for business. Youth hair-stylist, punk rock drummer, Native American/Pioneer battle re-enactor, insurance salesman in San Francisco etc. Not entirely sure the occupations are appropriate, but certainly there are places where it could be viewed as work-appropriate.

  4. (Tongue in cheek) Looks like there might be a few occupations! Would it change based on gender? Missed that this was Point of Order’s list first time around..

  5. Hmmm… I don’t know… My dad used to wear nylons under his heavy work clothes when he was working on cars in the middle of winter. He said that they helped keep him warm. 🙂

  6. Colleen – Yes, the acceptable occupation list for mohawk wearers might change if we were speaking about women with mohawks. Please drop out Native American/Pioneer battle re-enactor. That should about do it.

    Jenna – key point – UNDER his heavy work clothes. In this instance, I think we firmly agree with a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. No problems with this use as it shouldn’t be visible and therefore not a fashion/modesty Don’t.

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