May 24, 2024

Are We Having Fun Yet?

jumpingman.jpgChances are good we’ve all known or worked with an adult who hasn’t quite “grown up” yet. The Real World orbits around this oblivious person who sells out for entertainment’s sake, until the black hole of a mid-life crisis forces them to take stock of their life.

And is it any wonder? In this “we just want to have fun” culture, anything that smacks of responsibility is avoided if at all possible. Kids fool their time away in college, graduating somehow with degrees they don’t use…failing at their relationships, expecting great things from everyone around them but never quite measuring up themselves.

This phenomenon really rears its ugly head at the workplace. Employees fritter away their employer’s time flirting with their cell phones, the internet and each other. If they put as much effort into the job as they do into the convincing lies they feed their boss concerning their sick days, just imagine the production rate. A job that used to require two hard workers now requires nine mediocre ones.

All the kidsandcomputers.jpgtime we hear, “Good help is hard to find.”

Could this be a result of an overindulgent childhood? A childhood so enjoyable that the responsibilities of adulthood seem dull and unappealing?

And what does the Bible have to say about it? Stay tuned as we explore some of the effects of our overindulgent society on children.

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2 thoughts on “Are We Having Fun Yet?

  1. It is the culture of being young and beautiful, i.e. superficiality and pretences are more important than reality and responsibility. We have “youngsters” aged 30 still living with and off their parents, we have older man playing Don Juans and not caring for their short time left…
    Being serious and living this sort of life just does not match.
    And – if there is no god, there is no moral foundation, right? 😉

  2. Right. It’s really becoming an epidemic, what you mentioned about twenty-somethings still living at home. I don’t feel it’s a bad thing for girls to remain at home into their twenties (under father’s protection they can still earn a living and help out at home till married or whatever), but boys need to get out and earn a living or pay rent or something that suggests they can handle their own way. I know of several instances of young men in their mid-twenties that have live-in girl friends (some in their parents’ home, some in their own homes) but in both cases they still take their laundry to their mom, their mom still pays their bills (out of the son’s paycheck at least, but still!)…no wonder they’re not married yet…who wants to deal with that? :cwy:

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